Relate 3.1 Gold BTE R

Relate Gold is an advanced technology device for an active lifestyle at an affordable price. The hearing aids automatically adjust to the environment, enhancing the sounds you want to hear while minimizing background noise.


  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 
  • Designed for mild to moderately severe hearing loss 
  • Slim tube fitting or can be fitted with an earmold 
  • Easy Line Charger case included 
  • Direct connectivity to compatible iOS and Android devices 
  • Active connection to two Bluetooth devices 
  • Ability to pair up to 8 devices 
  • Direct media streaming for music or speech 
  • 6 Automatic environment classification programs 
  • 20 fine-tuning channels 
  • Tap Control to answer phone calls, pause and resume streaming, or activate voice assistant 
  • Smartphone (Hearing Remote) App allows for personalization of how you are hearing 
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Price reduced from $1,249.00 to $999.00