Oticon Real 2 miniBTE - R

Powered by the Polaris RTM platform, Oticon Real includes RealSound Technology designed to give access to the real sounds of life. With better access to speech and exceptional speech clarity, you can follow conversations with more awareness, focus and control. Oticon Real includes upgraded features to help optimally manage wind and handle noise, including both soft and loud sudden noises. These improvements help ensure access to a complete and balanced sound scene including environmental sounds, that are not distracting for the brain.


  • Product Details
  • MoreSound IntelligenceTM 2.0 
  • Environment configuration  
  • Virtual Outer Ear 
  • Spatial Balancer 
  • Neural Noise Suppression, Difficult/Easy 
  • Sound Enhancer 
  • Wind & Handling Stabilizer 
  • MoreSound AmplifierTM 2.0 
  • SuddenSound Stabilizer 
  • Feedback Prevention 
  • Spatial SoundTM 
  • Soft Speech Booster 
  • Frequency Lowering
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