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Hear better, live better image

Exclusive for plan holders of AARP® Medicare Supplement plans

Save an additional $200 per pair

Save $100 per hearing aid on name-brand prescription devices  — and that’s on top of the special prices at AARP Hearing Solutions™ provided by UnitedHealthcare Hearing. Sign in or create an account to view your exclusive savings.

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Why it’s important to address hearing loss early

Taking proactive steps to address hearing loss as soon as you can makes a difference, affecting your physical, emotional and mental health. Answer four easy questions to learn what might be a next step forward for you.

Enjoy daily activities more

Whether it’s gardening or going to the gym, better hearing may help you share the fun in your favorite pastimes.

Stay connected to people you love

Better hearing helps you be an active participant in conversations and keeps you interacting with friends and family.

Support brain health

Using hearing aids may help prevent depression, memory issues or health problems such as dementia.1

Professional care you can count on

From a personalized recommendation to covered aftercare support, our hearing care professionals are here for your hearing health. Sign in or create an account to view your exclusive savings.

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4-year extended warranty


AARP Medicare Supplement savings
$200 savings/pair

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Schedule your no-cost appointment today and take a hearing exam for a personalized recommendation. With over 7,000 locations in UnitedHealthcare Hearing’s nationwide network for AARP® Medicare Supplement plan members, it’s a convenient way to take advantage of your extra $100 savings per hearing aid.

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