Hearing care, your way

With so many ways to get hearing care, how do you know which option is best for you? AARP Hearing Solutions provided by UnitedHealthcare Hearing offers in-person and over-the-counter care. Use the chart below to compare options and find one that fits your needs and lifestyle. Need help choosing? Take our online hearing test or find a licensed hearing care professional near you for a no cost hearing test and consultation.
Compare hearing care
Use the chart below to help you choose the hearing care option that fits you best, so you can hear life to the fullest.
  In-person Over-the-counter
Purchase Purchase through your local hearing care professional Buy directly through our website without seeing a hearing care professional
Hearing exam requirements Requires a hearing exam from a hearing care professional. Your hearing care professional uses your results to custom program your hearing aids. Does not require a hearing exam.
Delivery Pick up at your local hearing care professional office Delivered directly to your home
AARP member discounts Up to 20% off retail prices for most models
15% off accessories
Exclusive pricing for AARP members
15% off accessories
Degree of hearing Loss Mild, moderate, severe Mild
Wearing experience
  • First time to experienced wearer
  • First time or experienced wearer
  • Comfortable with technology
Ongoing maintenance and hearing
aid adjustments
  • At their office, a hearing care professional fits the hearing aid and adjusts settings for you
  • Future adjustments are made by in-person by a hearing care professional
  • Self-adjustments may be available with some devices
  • Fit and adjust the hearing aid settings yourself through a smartphone app
Follow-up support
  • 1-year of follow-up care included at no additional cost*
  • 3-year supply of hearing aid batteries ($100 value) or charging case ($199 value) at no additional cost with each prescription hearing aid purchase**
  • Product, service and technical phone support included
  • No in-person or virtual follow-up care through AARP Hearing Solutions
  • No additional batteries or charging cases care through AARP Hearing Solutions
  • Product, service and technical support is provided by the manufacturer and may very

*Hearing aids purchased through Gold, Classic or Premier technology levels receive 3 follow-up visits. Hearing aids purchased in the Silver technology level receive 1 follow-up visit.
**Batteries provided with non-rechargeable prescription hearing aids; charging case provided with rechargeable prescription hearing aids.

Keys to consider
Answering the following questions is another good way to help you figure out which care option is best for you.
Yes: If you have worn hearing aids in the past, then you may already be familiar with how much hearing loss you have. If you know you have mild-to-moderate hearing loss, an over-the-counter device may be a convenient and easy option that allows you to skip the appointments and get back to hearing the moments that matter most. If you prefer the guidance and support of an audiologist or hearing professional, then requesting an appointment would be a good next step.
No: If you haven’t had hearing aids before, meeting with a UnitedHealthcare Hearing professional to diagnose and manage your hearing loss is a great first step toward better hearing. Knowing how much hearing loss you have is a good indicator of whether an over-the-counter device could be an effective solution for you or if getting prescription hearing aids through a professional is a better option.
Yes: That's great! Having a comprehensive hearing exam by an audiologist or hearing professional will help you understand your degree of hearing loss and what options may be best for you.
  • If you have severe hearing loss, scheduling an in-person appointment is recommended.
  • If your hearing loss is mild to moderate, you could schedule an in-person appointment, or even consider an over-the-counter device.
No: Having your hearing checked by an audiologist or hearing professional is an important first step to understanding your degree of hearing loss. While you can now purchase an over-the-counter hearing aid without a comprehensive hearing exam, one is still recommended. Knowing how much hearing loss you have will help make sure the hearing aid you pick will get you the results you expect.
There are many items that impact hearing aid costs, including the level of technology, level of follow-up support and repairs. Your lifestyle and amount of hearing loss may also impact the features you need in a hearing aid. Whether you choose to access in-person care with a UnitedHealthcare Hearing professional, or decide to buy an over-the-counter device, there are many options to fit your budget. And don’t forget, as an AARP member you have access to exclusive savings on hearing aids and accessories!
Not very: AARP Hearing Solutions provided by UnitedHealthcare Hearing provides support along every step of your journey to better hearing. You don't have to own a smartphone or know how to download an app to get a hearing aid, but scheduling an in-person hearing appointment at a location near you is recommended. At your appointment, you'll have the opportunity to talk about your hearing options, take a hearing test if needed, review the results, learn about available hearing aids and get a recommendation.
I can hold my own: If you own a smartphone and are comfortable downloading apps, over-the-counter options allow you to use your tablet, computer, phone or other device to purchase a hearing aid and access remote support.
I prefer help: UnitedHealthcare Hearing will help you navigate your hearing journey! To get the additional hands-on support you may need to feel comfortable with your new hearing aid(s), it is recommended you meet with a hearing professional to get started. Our more traditional in-person setting offers hearing aid care and support at a location near you.
As an AARP member, you can save on hearing aids, care, and accessories:
  • No cost hearing exam
  • Hearing aids as low as $699 per ear
  • Up to 20% off hearing aids
  • 15% off accessories
  • 4-year warranty*

*4-year warranty applies to hearing aids in the Classic & Premier technology levels.

No. AARP Hearing Solutions provided by UnitedHealthcare Hearing is open to all AARP members and does not require a health insurance plan to access the program discounts and perks.