Hearing care, your way

With so many ways to get hearing care, how do you know which option is best for you? AARP Hearing Solutions provided by UnitedHealthcare Hearing offers in-person, virtual and over-the-counter care. Use the chart below to compare options and find one that fits your needs and lifestyle. Need help choosing? Take our online hearing test or find a licensed hearing care professional near you for a no cost hearing test and consultation.
Virtual hearing care
UnitedHealthcare Hearing’s convenient virtual care program makes it possible to enjoy real-time hearing aid adjustments and support using your smartphone or tablet and an app, right from the comfort of your home.
Virtual care is a flexible option for care from home or on the go. Simply use your tablet, computer, phone or other device to have a virtual visit with a hearing specialist. Save on wait times that you might experience at an in-person visit while getting access to the same great care. Meeting with a specialist to learn about and manage your hearing loss is a great first step toward better hearing. And since UnitedHealthcare Hearing is backed by the nation’s largest hearing network, you’ll receive the help you need to find a provider that supports virtual care in your area.
Your hearing. Your choice.
Even with virtual care, you’ll still need to visit a UnitedHealthcare Hearing provider for an in-person hearing test. A hearing test can provide you and your provider with key information, including the severity of your hearing loss.
If you had a hearing test in the past 6 months, then you're already 1 step ahead. Upload your test and you'll be contacted!
Upload hearing test
After you’ve completed your hearing test, your first virtual appointment will give you the opportunity to talk with your UnitedHealthcare Hearing provider about your test results, discuss your lifestyle and hearing needs, review your hearing aid options and get a recommendation. With so many hearing aids available, how do you know which one to choose? Consider the factors that matter most to you like your budget, lifestyle and level of hearing loss. Your hearing provider will work with you to find the solution that’s right for you.
Getting your hearing aids
Your hearing aid(s) will be shipped to your home within 10-14 business days of payment. Your provider will call you to set up a virtual fitting. If your hearing aid(s) arrive and you haven’t heard from UnitedHealthcare Hearing, call to schedule an appointment. During the appointment, your provider will show you how to put the device on and make sure your hearing aid(s) work correctly and fit comfortably.
3 simple steps to better hearing
1. Complete your hearing test or upload it now

Complete a hearing test
Upload a hearing test
2. Schedule a virtual visit to discuss your hearing test results and choose an option that works best for your budget, lifestyle and hearing needs

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3. Get follow-up care to help ensure your hearing aids are working correctly and fit comfortably
Hearing treatment perks
  • Say goodbye to waiting rooms
  • Get a personalized recommendation by a licensed UnitedHealthcare Hearing professional
  • Receive support when you need it, right from the comfort of your home
Get started
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