May is National Speech-Language-Hearing Month

Up to $300 off select hearing aids for a limited time

Maybe it’s getting harder to hear conversations in restaurants. Or quieter sounds seem muffled. If you’re thinking your hearing might be changing, over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids could be the answer. And for a limited time (May 1 – 31, 2024), AARP® members can get extra savings on top-quality Jabra Enhance OTC hearing aids through AARP® Hearing Solutions™ provided by UnitedHealthcare Hearing.

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For a limited time: Extra savings on top of your AARP member discount

Only during National Speech-Language-Hearing Month, May 1–31, 2024: Get special pricing on expert-selected, over-the-counter hearing aids through AARP Hearing Solutions.


Jabra Enhance Plus

  • Made for short-term, as-needed use
  • Helps you hear better in specific, difficult listening situations
  • Three pre-programmed enhanced hearing modes
  • App-controlled; calls and music on iPhone

Your price: $549

AARP member price: $749

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Jabra Enhance Select 50R

with Premium Care

  • 100 days of personalized virtual audiology support included
  • Standard size, discreet and lightweight for all-day comfort
  • Speech clarity and noise reduction
  • Bluetooth streaming for calls and music (iOS/Android)

Your price: $995

AARP member price: $1,195

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Jabra Enhance Select 300R

with Premium Care

  • 3 years of personalized virtual audiology support included
  • Miniature size, discreet and lightweight for all-day comfort
  • Advanced speech clarity technology powered by SoundScape™
  • Hands-free calling when using iPhone 11 and newer
  • Bluetooth streaming for calls and music (iOS/Android)

Your price: $1,495

AARP member price: $1,795

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Using hearing aids as wellness aids

Research has shown that about 28.8 million U.S. adults could benefit from using hearing aids.1 Adding hearing aids to your preventive health toolkit can protect your wellbeing, well into the decades ahead.

Want to stay in the conversation?

Situation-specific OTC hearing aids can help you hear what people say — without having to ask them to repeat themselves. And since these hearing aids are made for short-term use, you can just wear them as you need them.

Want to be more aware when out and about?

All-day OTC hearing aids keep you more aware of your surroundings through multiple situations, such as during workouts and errands, ensuring you hear sound cues from the world around you.

Want to stay sharp in the long run?

Using hearing aids can help prevent depression, memory issues and dementia2 — and these tools become even more essential to mental health over time.

What people love about Jabra Enhance over-the-counter hearing aids

“Hearing sounds I haven’t heard in years. The app that lets you filter noise works great. It takes a bit to get used to the way they feel when wearing but other than that they work great.”3

— Jabra Enhance user

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“I have not had any ringing in my ears that the other cheap hearing aids had. These are so comfortable I have actually forgotten to take them off and went to bed!”4

— Jabra Enhance user

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“…a good option for someone who knows they need some help with hearing better, but aren’t ready for traditional hearing aids. It’s a little like having your optometrist tell you that you should [get] bifocals but… getting drugstore reading glasses in the interim.”5

— Jabra Enhance user

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Dig a little deeper

How can I understand where my hearing health is at right now?

It’s hard to tell for sure if you’re missing small sounds around you. This helpful hearing health questionnaire can help you determine if you need to start getting serious about addressing hearing loss.

I noticed other over-the-counter hearing aids are available at different retailers. Can I just buy my hearing aids elsewhere?

You can certainly shop around for hearing aids, but purchasing them through AARP® Hearing Solutions™ provided by UnitedHealthcare Hearing gives you some extra benefits: The selection of over-the-counter devices offered here are expert-chosen for their quality and value, plus are available at a special AARP-member price. Not to mention: The extra discount if you buy during National Speech-Language-Hearing month — simply order them by May 31, 2024!

What's it like to adjust to over-the-counter hearing aids?

As with any hearing aids, it can take a bit of time and patience to get used to how things sound with over-the-counter hearing aids, as well as how to use your app to adjust the settings to your needs. Depending on the hearing aids you purchase, you may have access to remote support for setup and adjustment. Try to wear them as much as possible to adjust and get the most benefit, and be sure to check out the app support features to help with any troubleshooting.

I can get by fine without hearing aids. Do I have to get them now, since I have just a little hearing loss?

Wearing hearing aids can seem like an unnecessary hassle. However, even if you just have slight hearing loss, research6 suggests that it’s important to maximize your hearing ability because of the neurological function of hearing in your brain. As your hearing becomes worse, untreated loss can result in your brain “forgetting” how to process sound — and it may not re-learn this ability if your hearing continues to change as you age. Basically, it’s use-it-or-lose it when it comes to your hearing!

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