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Hear everything life has to offer with AARP® Hearing Solutions™ provided by UnitedHealthcare Hearing. Hearing aids are more discreet, more comfortable and more advanced than ever, and as an AARP member you can save up to 20% on hearing aids and 15% on accessories. With a wide variety of styles that feature the latest technology such as recharging capabilities, connection to Bluetooth® devices, tap control, remote adjustments and more, AARP Hearing Solutions can help you hear more for less.


Prescription hearing aids

A wide selection of hearing aid choices, guided by the care and support of a hearing professional.


An alternative solution to your hearing needs.

Remote support through app
Relate® UnitedHealthcare Hearing's private brand Beltone, Phonak, ReSound, Signia, Starkey Jabra, Jabra Enhance, Lexie Hearing, Sennheiser, Sony

Enjoy the performance you desire along with the industry-leading quality you expect.

  • Custom-programmed to your hearing needs
  • Clear speech, reduced background noise, excellent sound quality
  • Recharging capabilities, connection to Bluetooth devices, iOS and Android compatibility
  • Hands-free phone calls with tap control, remote adjustments and a smartphone app

Experience innovative technology and the latest styles from major manufacturers.

  • 2,000+ models from industry's top brands
  • Most advanced technology available for superior sound quality
  • Rechargeable batteries, wireless connectivity, direct phone streaming, directional microphones and more

Choose an over-the-counter device and enjoy the flexibility to adjust it as often as you need. Personalize it to your liking on the go and hear more clearly in a variety of settings.

How hearing aids work

Packed inside each hearing aid are three tiny parts that work together to bring you a better listening experience. A microphone helps identify the sound around you while an amplifier can help make that sound louder. The receiver helps deliver those sounds into your ear so you hear the quiet sounds you've had a hard time making out and can better focus on the right sounds in those noisy environments.

Why hearing aids are important

Many people who could benefit from using a hearing aid do not actually use them, often due to cost, limited knowledge or lack of access to a hearing professional. But hearing aids can help you communicate better with family, friends and those around you, which may positively impact your overall health in many ways.

Want help choosing hearing aids?

The hearing care professionals at UnitedHealthcare Hearing can match you to the right device for your budget, lifestyle and degree of hearing loss.

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