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Relate® Remote Control

Relate® Remote Control

Relate®, UnitedHealthcare Hearing's private-label hearing aid brand, can help you hear more for less. Made by a well-know, long-established international hearing aid manufacturer, Relate features a high-quality technology, intuitive design, and helpful features. Relate hearing aids address the full range of hearing loss with a variety of technology levels and styles. Learn more about Relate hearing aids.


The Remote Control is a very discreet way to control your Relate® hearing aids. It's a great accessory for individuals who don't want to use a smartphone app to adjust their hearing aids.

Three easy to see buttons control the main functions of the hearing aids.

  • volume up
  • volume down
  • program change

Please consult with your hearing healthcare provider prior to purchase to verify compatibility.

Price reduced from $275.00 to $234.00 Exclusive AARP member savings applied!